Monday, January 12, 2009

Yet Another Anti-Gay AFA Boycott

The American Family Association (AFA) is once again urging its (alleged) millions of members to boycott a company. This one's against Pepsico for its alleged promotion of the, you guessed it, HoMoSeXuAl AgEnDa!

Now, what's all so ironic is that the "marriage defense" crowd has been telling us, ever since gay people initiated post-Proposition 8 boycotts against certain companies, that boycotting is nothing more than fascist, unfair, "bully tactics." At this time, I think my words can best be expressed by using the words of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage's little website against boycotts er, boycotts promoted by LGBT advocates*:

"A new McCarthyism is threatening our free speech and freedom of association—our most basic constitutional rights. Donors who exercised these rights in supporting [gay rights] are seeing their employers or companies being targeted for harassment and intimidation.

[Fannie's Room] has launched a 'buycott' to support businesses targeted for harassment. If those of us who believe in democracy and freedom of speech all band together, we will create a potent force to show that we will not be intimidated, harassed, or threatened out of our constitutional rights."

That's right ladies and gents. It's just not faaaaaa-ir that the AFA is engaging in legitimate means of social protest in order to try to advance its own agenda. It's fascist, hateful, intolerant, and McCarthyist to the max. Faint.

Drink Pepsi!

*And no, I am not so over-the-top as to really believe boycotts to be "McCarthyism." I just always think it's funny (and by "funny" I mean hypocritical) when anti-gay organizations exaggerate and criticize us for boycotting when the AFA practically launches a new major anti-gay boycott every other day.

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