Friday, January 23, 2009

Feminist Friday

Hello readers. Today, I'd like to direct you to some reading which our heroine Leftist Gender Warrior (tm) may or may not approve of.

If you're looking for some fun feminist reading, you can start with the 69th Carnival of Feminists. My article regarding Garth George's odd feminism-causes-domestic-violence argument was featured in this December Carnival but I missed it with all of the holiday hububub.

More recently, occasional Fannie's Room commenter Rachel from across the pond hosted the 70th Carnival over at Sheffield Fems. Check it out.

In other feminist news, the Feminist Law Professors invited conservative (anti?-)feminist Christina Hoff Sommers to post one of her lectures. Although the lecture includes cringe-worthy statements like "I think it’s my bias toward logic, reason, and fairness that has put me at odds with the feminist establishment" it's worth a read, at least to see where she's coming from.

If you follow the trackbacks in the comment section, you will see many responses to the piece. I was going to write a post responding to Sommers' critques of feminism, but I got lazy. Besides, I see that others have already done it very well. Some of my favorite responses are over at Alas, a Blog.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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