Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Odds 'N Ends

1) Deep Questions

Open debate is a good thing. It is more preferable to point out inconsistencies and illogic in people's arguments than it is to shut them out of a debate and then have them consequently claim the role of Censored Victim.

Some "issues," however, should not be presented as though there are multiple legitimate "sides." And that's why I fault the BBC for running an online poll on its website asking "Should homosexuals face execution?"

This question was asked in reference to Uganda's pending legislation that would authorize the execution of gay people. As though answering "yes" is an opinion worthy of taking into consideration.

2) Obsessed Much?

In Malawi, where homosexuality is illegal, two men were arrested for engaging in a symbolic marriage ceremony. From Reuters, "Police said the two men had been taken for medical tests to prove whether they had intercourse."

Do you ever get the impression that those opposed to homosexuality think about anal sex between men wayyyyyyy more than any gay person thinks about it?


Me too.

3) On Beauty

Via Womanist Musings, Alienation speculates what a world would look like if black female beauty was privileged over white female beauty. It is an illuminating post.

At the same time, while appreciating how the post highlights the fact that whiteness is privileged as the default and superior "beauty" in our society, I question whether replacing one standard of beauty for another does anything to subvert and challenge patriarchy.

What if, instead, all women had the privilege of caring less about what resource-divvying men thought of their superficial appearances?

4) Link Away

Lastly, what are you all reading, writing, arguing, and laughing about?

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