Monday, January 4, 2010

Those Opposed to LGBT Rights: Girl-on-Girl Is HOT!

Despite their general rejection of Everything LGBT, some anti-gay dudes are really into hot lady-on-lady action. I know this is not a Startling Revelation. While they can't get enough of saying how icky anal sex (between two guys, of course) is, it's just a fact that many straight guys are into watching two women getting it on. Some dudes take things fantastically further and convince themselves that the fun doesn't truly start between two ladies, especially hot ones, until a man and his penis show up.

I was reminded of this fundamental truth when I read the following article (sent to me by commenter Sarah). In it, we learn that two hot lady teachers were allegedly totally busted in an "intimate moment." For some reason, the article includes photos of the two teachers and quotes by various teenage dude students remarking on the attractiveness of the teachers.

The message is clear. While inappropriate, what these two ladies supposedly did is nonetheless non-threatening. It deserves to be in the news, not because it's serious like how it would be serious if two penises were involved, but because it is titillating. If a man and a woman had been caught canoodling, the two would probably be suspended, but it certainly would not be newsworthy. If two men were caught in the act, it would make national headlines and anti-gay forces would be up in arms whinging about the Homosexual Indoctrination of Our Youth.

Yet, how do some of these anti-gay forces react when it's two hot ladies? The article continues:

The comments at right-wing chat site, where gay news items are often discussed and GLBT equality efforts condemned, took on a note of playfulness as 'Freepers' posted their views.

Wrote one, 'Wish I was a fly on that wall,' while another posted, 'Awwwwwww hell yeah!' Wrote another, 'Now, if I had been the janitor...............'

Another subsequently posted the message, 'I believe the question should be, is there a surveillance film which needs to be analyzed?'"

What do you know.

Despite how unworthy lesbian and bisexual women are of equal rights, they can still serve a purpose to anti-gay guys. Same-sex sexual behavior just has to be on their dudely terms, you see.

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