Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Story About Murdered Woman Focuses Entirely on Poor Accused Man Who Had To Deal With Bitchy Wife


Straight away, the BBC headline informs us:

Missing Gloucestershire wife was 'volatile'

Then, of this "volatile" woman who was "allegedly murdered" (oh by her husband, allegedly), the prosecutor informs us that the victim "was undoubtedly a demanding woman."

The prosecutor said that. About the victim.

The prosecutor.

It kind of makes you wonder how zealously he will prosecute the case against the alleged murderer of a dead woman who committed the great lady sin of being such a "demanding woman."

One wonders if the world even misses such a woman.

I mean, it's clear from the BBC article, which was quite willing to state character opinions about her as fact, that we are to sympathize with the alleged Poor Male Murderer who had to deal with such a volatile and demanding bitch of a wife who, oh by the way, also wanted to take some of his money upon divorce.

I mean, really. It's understandable why she would have been murdered. (Oh, by the husband, allegedly.)

Anyway, after then informing us that the victim and the accused had "heated arguments" that allegedly included him inflicting physical violence and threats of murder upon her, does the article inform us:

"[the Prosecutor] said [the victim's] cousin was alarmed as she recalled that earlier in their relationship [the victim] had said her husband had made comments about 'knowing people who could get rid of bodies.'"

That was the last sentence of the article.

This story could have been framed in many ways. Somebody made a choice to center the story around the supposed flaws of the murdered woman as though her flaws- basically being some sort of uppity bitch- somehow made her murder a little bit less wrong and possibly understandable if the husband actually did it.

And really, who can blame the BBC. It's probably pretty dull for everyone to hear about how yet another man has murdered or might have murdered, beaten, blown up, shot, or raped someone. The media needs to change things up a bit. Present a new twist on an old story. We don't want people to get the wrong idea, or anything, and start thinking that we have a problem with respect some people feeling entitled to violence and others entitled to being on the receiving end of it. Especially when those others are bitches, which is pretty much the worst thing ever for a woman to be.

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