Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop Me If You've Heard This...

So, Rush Limbaugh got married for the fourth time.

His new wife is 26 years younger than him and significantly more attractive*, all pretty much proving that patriarchy exists to allow older, unattractive men sexual access to attractive, young women, am I right?

[Note 1: The above link should contain a Trigger Warning for a photo of Rush Limbaugh getting kissy-faced with his wife, which, while I appreciate the fact that he seems to be capable of affection, genuinely made me urp in my mouth give that the ugliness that leaves his mouth on a daily basis.]

[Note 2: To pre-empt some criticism here, those who are concerned that this post is "misandrist" or hypocritical for "making fun" of Limbaugh's looks, would do well to observe that I have not, actually, ridiculed his looks. Just making a note about how patriarchy eases the ability of powerful, wealthy men being able to "score" younger, attractive members of the sex class.]

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