Monday, July 19, 2010

Conservative Christian Humor

I saw this first at Good As You. Far-right "news" source WorldNetDaily has posted a video of the remarkably unfunny "comedian" DJ Dolce (I'm not going to send traffic to WND but you can access the video at G-A-Y). In it, she says:

"...Speaking of whiners, Democrats are still complaining that someone used the 'n-word' in reference to Obama and the 'f-word' in reference to Barney Frank. Well, not the 'F-word' … the other “F-word” …Faggot!

[laugh track chimes in]

Now one of these attacks is unacceptable. Racism is wrong [said somewhat sarcastically, with arms crossed].

And the other thing… [Dolce shrugs, biting her lip, while the laugh track chimes in again. "Audience" claps.]"

So, I'm trying to put myself in the mindframe of a raging homobigot... and I'm still coming up empty on how this would even be funny. It's not witty. It's not amusing. It's not intelligent. It's basically somebody calling Barney Frank a faggot. That this monologue was conceived as a stand-up routine is just bizarre. Are WorldNetDaily fans really this.... simple and easily-amused?

And also, do you ever feel like asking conservative Christians when the last time was that they laughed about something that wasn't at somebody else's expense?

Yeah, me too.

And say, where is the National Organization for Marriage and the 7 million civil, nice guy "marriage defenders" in California who voted for Prop 8 denouncing this hate speech, anyway?

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