Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wherein I Belatedly Ruin Fun on Independence Day

Via the AP:

"Library of Congress officials say Thomas Jefferson made a Freudian slip while penning a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.
In an early draft of the document Jefferson referred to the American population as 'subjects,' replacing that term with the word 'citizens,' which he then used frequently throughout the final draft....

Donning a pair of white researchers' gloves, Maria Nugent, director of the Library of Congress' top treasures collection, slowly lifted a piece of off-white corrugated cardboard to reveal the rough draft of the Declaration, which includes handwritten corrections by both John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

'That's a pretty good editorial committee,' said Billington, who was present for the procedure."

Har har har.

While I believe the above-referenced editorial committee was on the right track with their Declaration, my patriotism is not so blind as to demand the recognition of brilliance in men who only found inalienable rights in less than half of humanity.

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