Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Illinois Catholic Charities' Debacle

Via The Christian Post:

"Illinois Gay Civil Unions Law Picks On Catholic Charities"

Okay, four things.

1) Headline. Fail.

The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act allows two people of the same sex or "opposite" sex to get civil unioned. Being gay isn't a prerequisite to enter into one, hence, Illinois' civil union law is not a "gay civil union law."

And, even if the law restricted civil unions only to same-sex couples, heterosexuals would be just as free as gay, lesbian, and bisexual people to get civil unioned to a same-sex partner. It's the perfect definition of equality! Lulz.

2) The civil unions law isn't a sentient being. Thus, it's incapable of actually "picking on" anyone or anything.

3) "Marriage defenders" have their tighty-whities in a twist over Catholic Charities' leadership's choice to continue discriminating against same-sex couples in their adoption/foster care programs while receiving state funds. But, of course, this is how The Christian Post frames it:

"Three Catholic dioceses in Illinois have gone to court over a new law that requires charities to place children with gay or unmarried couples, alleging authorities are harassing Catholic agencies."

The harassment alleged is that the Attorney General's office sent Catholic Charities a letter saying that they had received complaints about discrimination and then asked Catholic Charities to produce documents so the state could review their practices. Apparently, the Attorney General and Illinois Department of Children and Family Services are set to prohibit state-funded agencies from discriminating against same-sex couples.

Catholic Charities attorney Tom Brejcha from frames the situation like this:

“Religious and faith-based entities need not check their beliefs at the door when providing vital social services for the benefit of the needy and vulnerable children and families in Illinois. Catholic Charities has a clear right under Illinois law to pursue its charitable good works in the true spirit of the Gospels and the Sermon on the Mount, faithful to the essential tenets of its Catholic faith."

Of course they need not "check their beliefs" when providing services in accordance with [some of] the "Gospels and the Sermon on the Mount." They just can't do it on the taxpayers' dime with the assistance of a state contract. But far be it for The Christian Post to mention that little detail.

4) Catholic Charities places children with married heterosexual couples and "committed singles" only. I always find it telling when anti-gay organizations do this.

"Marriage defenders" can't tell us enough how Every Child Deserves A Momma and a Daddy and how it's Common Sense and the Bestest for each child to have a married male and a female parent but, even though studies consistently show that children do very well when raised by same-sex parents, agencies like Catholic Charities intentionally deprive some children of two parents.

Through policies like this, they show us that adherence to their "sincerely-held" anti-gay ideology and the fetishization of heterosexual marriage trump the best interests of children.

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