Friday, June 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

Via Kate Ragen at Dances With Fat:

"I’ve said before that I’m much more concerned with fat people realizing that they deserve respect than with other people realizing that fat people deserve respect. It turns out that the same goes for posting pictures or videos or numbers. Don’t like what I post? Don’t believe me? I don’t care. This isn’t about you or for you, I’m done making that mistake.

This is about refusing to be hidden by society. This is because fat people deserve to see themselves represented as more than just a headless picture carrying a fast food bag and I can help with that. When it comes to athleticism, there are fat people of all stripes – some are couch potatoes, some are active, some are hardcore athletes. Lots of us are healthy and happy. This is about showing an example of that."


Check out her post for photos and video of her being sporty, strong, flexible, and dancy.

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Ragen Chastain said...


I'm completely honored to be your quote of the week! Just for the record, my name is Ragen. Kate is my pilates instructor :)

Thanks again!