Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Letter of the Day

From some dude's letter to the editor of The Kansas City Star:

"The left has elevated feminism to heights in which African Americans, Latinos and other minority communities can only wish for their cause of equality....."


Come on, you so know where this is going.

He continues:

"And yet, when a strong female personality emerges in the political realm they savage and eviscerate her like a pack of wild, starving dogs. I’m speaking about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann."


Allow me to suggest an error in his first premise re: "the left's" elevation of feminism. For, I do agree that "the left" is quite fond of "eviscerating" said ladies. However, if "the left" had truly elevated feminism to such incredible, awe-inspiring, and envious heights of utopian equality and love of women, we wouldn't see "the left" (or anyone) still continuing to "eviscerate" "strong female personalities" when they emerge in the political realm. Would we?

And as a tangential note, can we please stop dividing the world into these lazy false binaries like "the left," that is apparently comprised of mysterious, faceless "theys" who do Really Bad Things? Like, just state who specifically is "eviscerating" these conservative ladies and criticize the people who are actually doing it. Not only does doing that pin actual responsibility on actual people instead of vague political movements, but it's just more precise and less.... immature.

Unless, of course, your primary goal isn't actually to stop women from being harmed but, rather, to Totally Show How Hypocritical And Dumb the Leftists and Feminists* Are!!111!

*Dude didn't actually blame feminists, but you know we'll get blamed anyway. Even when we do actually stick up for the ladies "the left" "eviscerates."

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