Friday, November 4, 2011

Concerned Public Health Advocate of the Day

[content/trigger warning: homophobia, fat shaming]

You know, a person can always count on certain foaming-at-the-mouth frequent-commenter-of-anti-equality-blogs folks to confirm that, yep, homobigotry really does undergird many people's opposition to marriage equality and LGBT rights. For instance, the fella who goes by the moniker John Noe.

(Although... in the alternative, John Noe is an LGBT advocate in disguise, planted to make all those totes civil anti-equality advocates look mean....?)

Whatever the case, I had to chuckle at one of his latest statements. When his characterization of homosexuality as a "deathstyle" was called out as too extreme even by the anti-equality RuthBlog standards, he wrote:

"Betsy [the Ruthblog comment moderator]: If you do not want me to use deathstyle then so be it. Just remember that BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL EVIDENCE proves that homosexuality is unhealty, leads to disease and a shorter life span. It is more dangerous to your health than obesity or tobacco.Go on YOUTUBE and watch the video 'Dangers of the Gay Lifestyle' and then go to the government run CDC website for the evidence."


Because writing several capitalized science-y adjectives before the word "evidence" and citing youtube and non-specific evidence at the CDC site always increases the legitimacy of an argument by at least 64%. That's for sure how public health advocacy works.

Cue the countdown before we get a "Gay Bowel Syndrome" reference.

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