Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Non Sequitur Alert

Renee over at anti-LGBT blog Opine Editorials recently made a strange observation.

First, she noted an NPR article that said:

"'There are only 250 beds for 3,800 homeless kids in New York City; waiting lists are huge. Facing a $10 billion deficit, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made compromises with the New York state Legislature. Budget cuts would have taken 100 of those beds away. The city council restored monies cut from both the city and state budgets, so no beds have been cut.'"

This NPR article, by the way, discussed how homeless youth are disproportionately LGBT, often because they have been kicked out of their homes.

So, from those facts, Renee directly proceeded to claim:

"When you view the gay lobby, like any other lobby, they begin to look like a fat-cat special interest. They influence politicians by filling up the campaign coffers and not on progressive ideals."


As far as I can surmise, Renee seems to be arguing that "the gay lobby" is for sure a "fat-cat special interest" because that lobby successfully advocated to be able to continue meeting a whopping 6% of homeless youths' housing needs, instead of the proposed 4% that would have resulted from the budget cuts.

I guess what I find darkly comedic about her claim is that, well, in what logical universe are disproportionate rates of LGBT homelessness and a gross inability to meet that group's needs supposed to be taken as a sign of.... Incredible Power And Influence?

I mean come on. I know anti-gays are all about spreading the message regarding The Incredible Power Of The Gay, but Renee's approach doesn't seem to be the wisest.

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