Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Venker on Sexual Harassment

It's always interesting when anti-feminists claim that 100% of feminists think men are always "guilty until proven innocent" regarding sexual harassment claims, while they themselves assert that most "sexual-harassment allegations are about women’s feelings" rather than men's inappropriate behavior.

It's like wow, projection much?

But, you know, I guess there are book and notoriety opportunities to be had in the Making Stuff Up About the Suckiness of Feminists department.

Anti-feminist Suzanne Venker continues, speaking specifically about Hermann Cain, and generally about women:

"That women now have the power to ruin men’s lives using a boatload of resentment but no evidence to speak of tells you all you need to know about feminism and its effect on our society. Once a free country[*], in which a person was innocent until proven guilty[*], America has devolved into a country hell-bent on getting even with men — and what better way to do this than using sex as a weapon?"

The possibility that men's entitlement to harassment might ruin women's lives isn't even on her radar. The fact that sexual harassment laws also apply to men because sometimes women engage in harassment too, not even considered. Under her narrative, it's all Feminists Always Just Automatically Believe Women, when, in reality, it's people like her who always believe men and think women and feminists are just too overly-sensitive about everything.

And, naturally, leave it to Suzanne Vencker to just psychicly know what the feminazi hivemind is really thinking.

[*Restrictions, of course, applied. But, sure, other than that, the Good Ol' Days were totally great for everyone!]

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