Friday, January 6, 2012

Commenting Update

Why hello there, readers. Have you done something different with your hair? I simply love it!

Anyway, just as an FYI to those who comment here, I have "un-nested" the comments. This means that when you reply to someone, your reply won't be indented or directly underneath the comment of the person you're replying to.

See what had been happening was, someone would comment, someone else would reply, someone would reply to that reply and so on. Which is fine, it just meant that each reply would be further indented and narrowed, so that by the time a 3rd or 4th person entered the fray, the discussion would visibly look like one vertical wall of text where only, like, one letter would fit in each line.

It was very odd and unseemly.

Now when you reply to someone, your comment won't be indented underneath the comment you're replying to. So, it's probably a good idea to make it really clear who you are replying to (eg- "@Fannie").

Aren't you so glad you read this exciting post today?!?!?

But more importantly, how do you feel about people who have MDs or PhDs and who go by nicknames like "Dr. [insert first name]" on their blogs or in social situations? To me, the coupling of the academic title with the first name suggests a "I'm totally informal, just call me Nick. Dr. Nick, that is. Because I'm a doctor" sense of faux-modesty.

But at least the title was earned.

I know one dude who I once argued with about same-sex marriage who bestowed upon himself the title of "logic black belt." LOLOLOLNOPE.

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