Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Touch Their Man Food!

Apparently, some putrid MRA reddit caught a whiff of my article on Man Food.

In this post, I talked about an annoying, sexist event that I had experienced in relation to food. Namely, that when my partner and I were visiting with a heterosexual couple, the person making the breakfast, a woman, asked only "the men" if they wanted eggs with their pancakes, and proceeded to scoop heaping piles of eggs onto their plates alongside their 2 pancakes. On the women's plates, sat one lonely pancake.

Although a "little thing," it was illustrative of the ways eating and body image are gendered. Men are often encouraged to eat a lot, so they can get "big and strong" and take up space, while women are encouraged to not eat a lot, so we will remain small and dainty (and, although it's not often said, weak).

So how this post of mine was the Worst Thing Ever, I'm not sure. But that didn't stop the aggressive MRA responses to it from being positively brimming with Illusory Superiority of the "feminist wimmin are so dum" variety.

I think the most amusingly-incoherent response went something like, "WTF, it was a woman who offered the men more eggs, why is ths stoopid feminist complaining?!?!?"

As though, I don't know, it's.... hypocritical(?) for a feminist to admit that women too can do sexist things?

What a strange argument.

Think of the blanks one has to fill in regarding this MRA's thought process and visions of straw feminists that must be dancing about in his head. His argument only "works" in the following way:

(a) Feminists think all men are evil and sexist.
(b) Feminists thinks all women are paragons of perfection
(c) Therefore, if a feminist admits that a woman did something sexist, the entirety of feminism collapses under its own hypocrisy.

Sure, dude.

I'll just add that one to my collection of files proving that the vast majority of MRAs don't even understand feminism well enough to be able to render competent critiques of it.

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