Monday, April 23, 2012

An Observation About "Concerned" Public Health Advocates

You know how some people opposed to LGBT rights claim that they're opposed to homosexuality because it make them sad when their gay friends get HIV?

Such people often claim that they don't hate gay people or anything, they are just Concerned Public Health Advocates who want gay people ("gay people," of course, meaning only men who have sex with men, since non-heterosexual women are often invisible in these discussions) To Be Aware Of The Risks Associated With Their Chosen Lifestyle.

Isn't it interesting, then, when those who oppose homosexuality also oppose effective HIV prevention and education messaging aimed at men who have sex with men? 

The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) is all ass-over-heels on its fainting couch about NIH-funded research that was investigating how to target HIV messaging to men who seek sex with other men via Internet. TVC encourages its supporters to sign a petition saying:
"I join the hundreds of thousands of Americans in support of Traditional Values Coalition and their efforts to stop the National Institutes of Health's wasteful, offensive funding of bizarre and ridiculous -- and in some cases, truly horrific -- rewarding of grants that serve no purpose other than to fund liberal projects and oddities America simply cannot afford."
Gee, it's almost like they actually want queer men to get HIV.

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