Friday, April 13, 2012

You Heard It From An Anti-Feminist

[Content note: gender policing, violent imagery]

So says Crystal Wright, in a ridiculously-ignorant article bemoaning how feminism has apparently turned men into deadbeats and Peter Pans:

"Time article 'Women, Money & Power' glorified the new Pan trend of stay at home dads and female bread winners. The writer notes 'Danny graduated from the University of Michigan and took a job in finance, but he rebelled at the crushing hours. So in the mid-'90s, he left to become a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters.' My first reaction was how pathetic and Danny needs to man up.

I would argue the majority of women don’t like this role reversal and if they had guns held to their heads would admit it as much[*]. Time writer Liza Mundy observed 'One university vice president admitted that when she was dating, she took pains not to let men walk her to her car, for fear her BMW might make them feel inadequate.'

Women need to start making men feel inadequate and force them to act like men not boys again." (emphasis added)

I seriously had to read that last bit a couple times, not being sure if it was a typo. I was like, "Wait, did she-? Is she really saying-? What?"

I hope the MRAs are listening, because that statement really is a great summation of anti-feminism and gender traditionalism.

Under that worldview, people are not individuals with free will and unique abilities and capacities. Instead, based, solely on one's biological sex, the notion is that one must engage in certain activities because engaging in those activities is just what people of that sex do. If one doesn't engage in those activities, anti-feminists and traditionalists posit, then people should be shamed and made to feel inadequate.

Don't worry though, friends, I'm sure the MRAs will frame this anti-feminist woman's literal call to make men feel inadequate as somehow being The Feminists fault too, continue to ignore the way gender traditionalists shame men, and fixate their aggressive obsession primarily on us feminists. That's just how they roll.

*Aside from the really messed up violent imagery there (hmmmm, wishful thinking, is she?), I don't think that "holding a gun" statement means what Crystal Wright thinks it means.

Wouldn't most people admit to practically anything if they had a gun held to their heads? If one wants get people to admit to things they supposedly are "too PC" to admit to, wouldn't it be better to hook them up to a lie detector test rather than hold a gun to their heads and make them say it or else? #thinkbeforeyouwrite

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