Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Friday Bits

Parks and Recreation is, lit-erally, my favorite show on television right now.

All-around, the characters are pretty great. It's funny and smart without denigrating people. I suspect that were I a straight or bisexual lady, I'd be into Ron Swanson. What can I say? I'm into strong men who aren't threatened by, or who don't undermine, strong women.

Speaking of strong women, just as an update regarding some conversation that happened after my "Weightlifting While Female" post, I picked up a copy of Convict Conditioning (thanks Cynthia!) and am giving that a whirl. I wouldn't call it a feminist book, as its default athlete is male, but it doesn't complete exclude women from the realm of wanting to, and benefiting from, the listed body weight workouts.

I've added the Big 6 progressions to my workout routine, and am looking forward to being able to do those bad-ass full one-legged squats, and also to be able to crank out 10 full pull-ups. Not sure those one-armed hand-stand pushups will ever happen! We'll see.

Talk about Parks and Rec, working out, or whatever today. If you want!

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