Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Okay to Unfriend People. Really.

All this Chik-fil-a stuff, a good portion of which people seem to be hashing out on Facebook, has reminded me of this post I wrote a little over a year ago.

In it, I noted the hyperbole of an anti-feminist, anti-LGBT blogger who was Very Upset about people un-friending him on Facebook because of his (quite aggressive, unfair) political posts about liberals, leftists, LGBT people, and feminists. He presented this un-friending as entirely a "leftist" phenomenon and reacted to it as though it were a human rights violation of the highest order, saying:
"It is indeed a Brave New World we live in where friendship hinges on taking offense instead of merely ignoring those words from whom we disagree."
Ah yes. You MUST be my friend even if I say mean and abusive things on Facebook all the time, or else you're a fascist who's violating MY RIGHTS!

Nope, nothing problematic about that. Not at all.

On behalf of the World Order of All-Powerful Feminists, pursuant to Section 6.28 of the Homosexual Agenda, I hereby declare it to be 100% acceptable for people to un-friend bigots on Facebook. We had a meeting last Thursday and the measure passed.

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