Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Unless a person is, like, Ann Coulter, how does one lone article even manage to be sexist toward men, stereotyping and offensive toward gay people, offensive to straight people, erasing of non-male members of the group "the gays,"erasing of a great majority of male members of the group "the gays," fat hating, body shaming, gender essentialist, and trivializing of the reality that, hey, there's this whole other group of people who exist in the world, many of whom also tend to have lots of body image issues: women.

I mean, wow, to seriously address all that's wrong with that article would take me an estimated 10 solid hours of work only to result in a "Geez, I was just kidding, can't people take a joke?!" retort from the author and his supporters.

Thus, I have only this to say to privileged cis gay men who think they are the default gay whose experiences are not only representative of all "the gays" everywhere but are the sun around which all other oppressions and legitimate issues revolve, try getting out of your kyriachical bubble of unexamined privilege from time to time. There's a whole Internet out there to learn about stuff.

Good gawd.

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