Monday, August 27, 2012

Trolly McTrollertons

I'll just assume that the preponderance of  trolls in the comments as of late means I'm striking a nerve deep into the heart of the heterosupremacist patriarchy.

I consider that a win.

Seriously, though. If people have sincere disagreements to make, they are welcome to make them. If a comment consists of ignorantly braying on about "leftards" or talking about how icky gay pride parades are,  I'm totes okay with banning someone. And, I'm completely unsympathetic toward consequent and 100% predictable whinging about censorship and a troll's precious First Amendment Rights.

See, average troll's perception of the First Amendment is something along the lines of "The bloggers shall implement no policies at their own blogs about what are and are not acceptable ways of interacting with others."

But, how it works is, there's this service called Blogger where one can start one's own blog if one wishes!

And the best part for trolls is, if they have something super-duper important, aggressive, asinine, witty, snappy, snarky, mean, homophobic, misogynistic, or annoying to say, they get to say it! I guess the only downside is that the Troll Blog lacks an audience, and saying asshole things in front of a progressive audience seems to kinda be the whole point of trolling.

So let me be clear, my blog and the work I put into it, is not an affirmative action program for ignorant, mean-spirited trolls oozing with illusory superior fantasies of setting the progressives straight about how we're too PC to understand "the trooth" about stuff.  Stick that in your libertarian pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-damn bootstraps narratives.

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