Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Conversations on Political Speech and Equality

A lively discussion has followed Barry Deutsch's post over at Family Scholars Blog regarding the recent case of a Chief Diversity Officer at a university being placed on leave for signing a petition asking for Maryland's marriage equality law to be put to a repeal vote.

This instance, naturally, is being used by anti-equality groups as further proof as to Why Same-Sex Marriage Is Bad, the substantive merits of same-sex marriage itself being irrelevant, I suppose.

Barry aptly points out many examples in which LGBT people and advocates of same-sex marriage have been fired for their jobs for being LGBT and/or because of their position on marriage equality- as opposed to, as happened to the Diversity Officer, being placed on leave and then reinstated. He further notes that these instances demonstrate that people being fired because of their identities and/or political beliefs is not a problem unique to opponents of equality, as their advocacy organizations like to lead their followers to believe.

Maggie Gallagher has directly responded to the post in comments but has thus far avoided answering the, in my opinion, most pressing points of Barry's posts and my commentary.

Check it out.

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