Tuesday, October 9, 2012

White Person Problems

Actual White Guy quote from the Facebook:
"Went to [cheap buffet] in [small Midwestern town] today for lunch. Servers ignored us pretty much the whole time. No drink refills. But they did bend over backwards for the black and Mexican patrons. Looks like [cheap buffet] is racist toward white people."
Now, many white people do have lots of legitimate problems. But, if this problem is what a person is agonizing over, one might want to consider ones unexamined privileges.

I further contend that many white people "don't even see race" when it comes to the ways in which they are privileged as white people. Race becomes visible to many, it seems, only with respect to the ways in which they are "oppressed" as white people.

Like when servers at [cheap buffet] don't re-fill the white people's Cokes first.

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