Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OMG SO Funny!

(This isn't actually funny)

I'm with Liss, I can't stand pranks.

Mostly because I think they're cruel and, oftentimes, straight-up bullying, except "because it's just a joke, geeeeeez" it isn't usually socially acceptable for the target of the prank to be angry about it. The "prankster" wants to manipulate a person into feeling fear or some level of trauma, but then the prankster considers it a first-class human rights violation if the person being pranked instead responds with one's own authentic emotions of, say, anger or a state of not-being-amused.

So, you can imagine what I think of this cutesey-fartsy marriage proposal:
"It was a marriage proposal prank that could have gone down in flames.

Last February, pilot Ryan Thompson, during a sightseeing flight over the city in a small plane, told his girlfriend the aircraft controls were not responding, before he revealed it was all part of a ruse to ask for her hand in marriage."

Now, in addition to being a lesbian who isn't in a Real Marriage with my partner, I realize that I'm also a No Fun Feminist In All Of NoFunLand, but I think that's a pretty fucked-up "prank" to "play" on someone a person purportedly loves.

Inspiring in someone a flash of imminent death and then asking them a life-changing question while they might be a bit emotionally-vulnerable strikes me as, I don't know.... insecure? Mean? Not funny?

All of the above?

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