Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catholic Leader Denies Reality, Expresses Concern About Looking Bigoted

In Totally Shocking News, Cardinal Francis George in Chicago has written a letter opposing the bill in Illinois that would legalize same-sex marriage. Currently, the state offers civil unions with all of the state level rights, benefits, and privileges of marriage.

In his letter, whose vague and silly arguments can be read here (PDF), I will only highlight two items.  First, he claims:
"Should the lame duck legislature or the new Assembly take up the passage of a 'same-sex marriage' law, it will be acting against the common good of society. We will all have to pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race." [my emphasis]
We all, eh?

I find it disgusting, alienating, and incredibly problematic that a purported holy man deigning to be on Team Moral Authority who tries to define supporters of same-sex marriage out of existence.  I know same-sex couples who are legally married, not in Illinois, but in other states where it is legal.

That is a fact. Their marriages are a real thing that exist in the real world. These couples are not pretending to be married, nor are they or their supporters pretending to accept same-sex marriage. The courts are not pretending. Religious and civil supporters, and family members, are not pretending. And, if same-sex marriage becomes legal in Illinois, "we" "all" will not be pretending to accept it.

Now, people may disagree with the law, but the actual truth is, they have a legal marriage certificate even if some poopy-pants pastors don't like it.

How insulated and surrounded by sycophants does a man have to be to think he can deny reality? I continue to be amused at the lengths to which followers of this religion let men define and deny reality for other people, whether they're insisting that men and women have an oxymoronic "equal hierarchical" "complementary" relationship to one another or that it's an impossibility for women to be priests.

He continues:
"Those who continue to distinguish between genuine marital union and same sex arrangements will be regarded in law as discriminatory, the equivalent of bigots."
Yes, and?

Notice how this "reason" for opposing same-sex marriage entirely centers the same-sex marriage opponent. 

That "equivalent of bigots" lingo, as a side note, comes straight from the National Organization for [Heterosexual] Marriage's playbook. Here's Brian Brown in just one article parroting that phrase:
"Religious organizations are going to be punished if same-sex marriage stands in California and throughout the country. Why? Because we're going to be told that we are the equivalent of bigots and the law saying that has a tremendous powerful effect."

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