Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's Deep Thought

Moff's Law.

Just because I've seen it come up on Internet a lot lately where men have popped in here, or have written their own blogposts, to tell people (mostly women) that their response to a book, film, or TV show is not "correct."

And, I'm not sure what the hell to even do with a "critique" whose sole purpose is to whinge about how a lady feminist isn't sufficiently hot for an upcoming male-centric movie (Seriously, actual title of guy's post: "Film About Single Dad Leaves Gynocentric Feminist Cold").

Ruh-roh! After all, men are entitled to women's undiluted enthusiasm toward their toys!

But seriously, once again, literary critic Joanna Russ' observation with respect to male-authored, anti-feminist science fiction resonates. In To Write Like a Woman, she notes that in many of these dystopian male-centric stories of men tearing down a matriarchy, "women are not actively engaged in fighting men; they have merely withdrawn from men's company- but the challenge to male domination is seen as identical."

For, the men in these stories are not willing to do away with women, and they're certainly not going to let the women have their own separate society. Instead, the stories are premised upon "re-capturing" the women so they can resume being the permanent class of male worshippers who will keep men central. After all, to these authors, a society of equals (all men) is no fun! The women have to recognize the men as central figures and they have to like it dammit!

If chiding women for not be sufficiently enthusiastic toward male-centric media is the face of so-called "gender egalitarianism" or "non-gynocentric feminism," count me out fellas.

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