Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's the PC Police, Again!

Via Echidne, via a letter to the editor, one man is Very Upset that LDS women will, for apparently the first time ever, be allowed to offer invocations and benedictions at the religion's General Conference. He whinges:

"Woman was created for man; this world was made for men to lead households and prayers. Man was created in God’s image — not in a woman’s image. 

American society has become so politically correct that it has spilled over to theology. Women, as well as children, may sing in church and participate in other ways."
What a small little world this man must live in, trying so very hard to maintain the mythical notion of male supremacy against a world that is moving on.  It's a War On Men, I tell ya!

Notable here though is yet another usage of that nearly-meaningless phrase "politically correct."

In this instance, the user of the phrase purports that his biblical fairy tale thinking about gender is the real truth, and that those who believe that women can just as competently lead prayers as men can are full of malarky. 

The usage seems to be a defense mechanism that prevents its utterer from recognizing that maybe, just maybe, he's not automatically superior to half of humanity just because he's a man.  I imagine that the impending loss of all that unearned status must truly be scary for some men.

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