Friday, March 15, 2013

RSS Feed Alternatives and Stuff


I don't want the blogs to go away!  Internet, please don't make them go away!

Okay, I'm fine. Really.

But who else uses Google Reader? What are you going to use, if anything, to manage your blog subscriptions after July 1?  Know of any good alternatives?

[Content note: MRA entitlement shit]

And secondly, as a general blogging note, since it's come up yet again in response to this post.... I'm not sure what, other than an incredible amount of asshole-ish entitlement, compels some male trolls to pop in here and suggest that I'm an entitled uppity bitch for having boundaries around what comments are and are not acceptable in this space.

In case there's confusion, the name of this blog is Fannie's Room.

I have created this blog and have been maintaining it and providing content to it for about 6 years. So, of course I get to say who is and isn't allowed to comment here and what comments get to be deleted.  Of course I don't have to engage MRA trolls if I don't want to. 

Why on earth would an MRA troll think otherwise?  Why on earth would he think it's some sort of "threat" that he's posted asinine comments that aren't 10% as brilliant as he thinks they are and taken "screen shots" of them? Is there, like, a Super Internet Court that I'm not aware of where someone is the Ultimate Decider about who a Winner is an Internet Conversation? Why would he go to different locations just to get around an IP address ban so he can continue commenting here, demanding that people interact with him, in a space in which neither he nor his comments are wanted?

(I realize the answer to most of these questions is "Oh, right, that whole MRA outlook")

So, I know this blog started out all simply like "Oh, RSS feeds la la la," and then I totally diverged.  But, you know, this comes up with relative frequency so I thought I'd just roll with these thoughts today.

Because my larger point is this, if a man is incapable of grasping the notion that a woman is of course entitled to have boundaries at her own blog, why would I ever think he would in any way treat my arguments or opinions seriously on any substantive, serious issues like hate crimes or rape against women?

Why would I think he's here on anything other than a "gotcha" MRA mission?  Why would I think he's here to do anything other than Teach The Lady Feminists?

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