Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Random Thoughts

I spent a day home sick this week and watched some classic Buffy.

During this viewing, I realized that if I were a vampire in the Buffyverse, I'd invent an armor patch thingy that covers the heart that would prevent me from ever getting staked.  Are vampires kind of... dumb to not think of something like this?

Secondly, I also watched like 8 minutes of Date Movie. I turned it off after like the 14th "lol you're fat in your fat suit" joke. It's fine to be a bad movie, but to be a bad movie that's also mean takes it to a whole other shitty level.  It makes me sad that Alyson Hannigan is in crap like that.

What are you all watching, reading, or doing?  *tap tap* Is anyone out there?

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