Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Little Blog

At my blog, I occasionally get the drive-by anti-feminist commenter who's read like 1 post of mine ever and thinks he's suddenly a Fannie's Room expert.

A common theme among these commenters is their assumption about their place in the world relative to mine.  Namely, that they're speaking from a place of objective authority over what I write about and that they, being men, have the power to take me down a notch.

Two days ago, Guesticon stopped by to opine, out of nowhere:
"lol well done for proving exactly why we need MRA's because of sad little twisting sexisit attitudes like yours, that want females to be in a position of dominace over men, because somehow in your twisted immature mindset, us men being your property will make us equals."(emphasis added)
In this case, Guesticon not only distorts my writing, but tries to trivialize it.

Even as they appear to do no blogging of their own, anti-feminist men sometimes show up here to do this.  They cannot stand that women are allowed to blog.  They loathe that we, while being women, say things about gender that they disagree with.  Too lazy and entitled to do true, helpful advocacy work for men, they certainly don't want women to do such work or writing for women.

Ban me from you little blog, they say. Hold your little opinions, they bark. Talk to your little friends here, they mock.

Thus, even as Guesticon fantasizes about my fictitious fantasies about feeeeeeeeemales dominating men, he himself, and men like him, attempt to assert dominance over me, this blog, and my writing.

And yes, my blog is relatively little in the grand scheme of things.  It's a 1-woman endeavor that I do in my free time and continue to do so because I get enough feedback from people that say that enjoy it and find it helpful. Becoming the next Huffington Post has never been my ultimate goal.  Impressing anti-feminists is not my endgame.

I think most people who read this blog regularly already know that.

It's still good to call out the behavior of Guesticon for what it is, just because it's a theme that pops up here sometimes.

Threats, trivaliaizing our work, showing up to distort our writing: all in the anti-feminist toolbox of ways they try to get women on Internet to shut up.

ps - I'm a lesbian. Having men as my "property" is also not high on my list of life goals.

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