Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Claire Danes: Epic Crier

Today's post is dedicated to that feeling of when you at first are elated that Donald Trump did not win the Republican Iowa Caucus but then you quickly realize that that means one of the other nightmare Republican contenders did and that, specifically, that winner turned out to be arch-villain Ted Cruz.

Has there ever been a contest wherein all Republican candidates give you more heebie-jeebies than does Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It? Has there ever been candidate more hated than Cruz, who is hated even among a virtual who's who assemblage of other Republican jerks?

Now, I also feel the need to precede this post by saying that I adore Claire Danes as an actor.

Her portrayal of Angela Chase in My So-Called Life was instrumental in helping me realize that I am a lesbian. Now, yes, I know you're thinking I say that about literally every attractive woman I write about, but I mean it.  I also think she's done a fabulous job in her other work too, particularly Temple Grandin and Homeland.
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Claire Danes crying on screen is, like, one of my constants in life, whether it's about Jordan Catalano (or, seriously, Rayanne Graff), or Leo DiCaprio (or Rayeann Graff), or Brody (or Rayanne Graff).

And serious kudos, because I don't think I could do the on-demand crying, myself.

For one, I'm not an actor. And two, I'm not what is referred to as "particularly expressive with my emotions." I doubt an audience would find my genuine crying face all that different from my typical resting face, which if you can believe it is not actually bitchy.

So, today, I'd like to invite you to sit back and appreciate Claire Danes, crying for pay.

Image result for claire danes crying gifs

Image result for claire danes crying gifsImage result for claire danes crying gifsImage result for claire danes crying gifs

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