Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Case of the Invisible, Non-Existent Misogyny!

It is a truism that literally every article, social media post, or tweet a woman makes saying some variation of how Hillary Clinton can be criticized but misogynistic attacks should be off limits will result in at least one male commenter feeling the need to contribute a claim that, while he does in fact hate Hillary Clinton, it is for other reasons that do not involve her gender, reasons that he does not, by special lucky chance, hate male politicians for.

The implication with this contribution to the convo is that (a) he, the man, does not require introspection into whether he might, in fact, have any inherent, subtle sexism shaping the way he compares male versus female politicians, and (b) women are mostly being irrational/paranoid/hysterical for suggesting some people might hate Clinton because of her gender.

2016 is shaping up to be a neat election cycle, isn't it?

In case you were wondering I will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

I'm not super interested in debating that, but I will elaborate that (a) I believe she is by far the most qualified candidate of all parties; (b) I'm a pragmatist, so as much as I might agree with Sanders' agenda, I think his capacity to implement his vision will be limited given how the legislative process actually works; and (c) I think Sanders' more radical vision for the US would end up making him less electable than Clinton in the general election versus the Republicans.

That said, if Sanders' wins the primaries, I would vote for him over any of the garbage Repulican contenders, obvs.

Don't worry, tomorrow will feature some femslash fun.

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