Friday, February 19, 2016

Femslash February: Dragon Age Inquisition

In honor of queer Bioware fans (and my second Dragon Age: Inquisition play-through), today's Femslash February Friday is brought to you by the mixed-race, mixed-class romance between Sera and Female Qunari.

Sera is honestly one of my all-time favorite video game characters. During my first play-through as a human female mage, I took the relatively-easy route of romancing Josephine at first, but ultimately broke up with her to pursue Sera.

What can I say, at first Sera seemed like Drama with a capital "D," but over time, she proved herself to be, not just a humorous addition to the team, but more complicated a personality than first impressions might lead one to think.

Plus, there's something about being on adventurous missions in caves, abandoned fortresses, and hissing wastes that time and time again turns into a romantic bonding experience.

While playing as female Qunari, I've been building Sera up as an archer rogue, which is quite handy (when I played as a mage, I built Sera up as a dagger rogue). So, in addition to being an accomplished baker, Sera is also a skilled fighter.  And meanwhile, what all is Josephine even doing for the cause?

Okay, so lots of important diplomatic stuff.  But still. Sera. Woof!

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