Friday, October 28, 2016

Open Thread Friday

Erma Gerd, readers, some people have been finding Fannie's Room by searching for "Hillary Clinton femslash." I realize I am now contributing to this issue by writing a post with that very phrase, but I can't even with that.

In The Dark Tower news (spoiler alert), the saga of Stephen King killing his darlings continues. With respect to Jake, what really got me balling (on a plane, yeah!) was poor little Oy's grief. Why why whyyyyy?

I continue find King's insertion of himself, as the author, intriguing. I suppose a stunt like that could come off as gimmicky, but textually his point seems to be that it's his ka to write The Dark Tower series, he had been neglecting finishing it for too long, and it wasn't until, perhaps, his near-fatal accident that he was inspired to complete it (that being said, I still wish nothing but the best for GRRM).

It's been interesting to read On Writing, King's non-fiction book about writing, in the midst of The Dark Tower VII. King seems to be of the belief that at a certain point, characters sort of take on a life of their own and it is the scribe's job to record what unfolds. In The Dark Tower VII, Roland confronts King, demanding that he continue to write so that their worlds will continue. But, before they part ways, King also tells Roland, "I didn't make your ka any more than I made Gan or the world, and we both know it. Put your foolishness behind you - and your grief - and do as you'd have me do. Finish the job!" The implication is that the inspiration is two-way, rather than one-way, with writers being inspired by the characters they have created.


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