Monday, October 10, 2016

Very Important Updates

In no particular order:
  • This is not a drill. Sara Ramirez has come out as bisexual. Ramirez portrayed the bisexual Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy for about 10 years. She is also a board member of the True Colors Fund, an LGBT homelessness organization. AND, she understands intersectionality (*faint*):
  • I have a lot of thoughts about the Trump Tapes. But, one of the most troubling aspects to me is that some of those scolding him on the right are missing the point when they seem more concerned about his word choice ("pussy") than about the on-the-job culture of sexual assault/harassment he created for, probably, decades.  
Like perhaps many of you, I'm sick of Trump. I hate that he's dominated new cycles for more than a year. He is a deplorable person with deplorable thoughts, "policies," and behaviors. And, I wonder what important stories we're not hearing because we have to continually react to this bumbling man-child.

At the same time, I see many feminists getting articles published and, importantly, shared all over the Internet, taking down Trump. Feminists are providing the mainstream with a language to talk about, and contemplate, someone who in many ways is the embodiment of everything many of us fight against.

I guess, to look on the bright side.

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