Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quote of the Day

Via a pretty good Rolling State article on her, Kate McKinnon talks about portraying Hillary Clinton on SNL:
"Before performing that scene [with Clinton appearing on SNL], McKinnon had never met Clinton, and didn't know how the candidate would take her portrayal. 'Here's a person who's effecting change on a worldwide stage, and my job is doing voices,' she says of the encounter. 'Why are we in the same room? This doesn't seem right, but there we were.' Luckily, Clinton was more than game to play along. 'She was just so grand, but also so warm and sincere,' McKinnon says. 'And her timing was great.'"
On the possibility of electing Clinton, she also says,"How hard are we gonna cry? I could cry just thinking about how hard we're gonna cry when it happens."

So, she's funny, talented, and a Hillary supporter.


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