Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 1.13 "For the Girl Who has Everything"

To begin, we see Kara waking up on Krypton. Her mom explains that she had the Argo Fever, but she's better now (Fun Fact: Argo is the name of Xena's horse). Back on Earth, we see that Kara's really in some sort of coma and oh sweet Jesus WHAT IS HAPPENING:

I don't know why there are a dozen long-clitted red roses on Kara's chest, I just know that there are. Alex, Winn, and James find her like this and evacuate her to the DEO. The DEO can't figure out what it is or why it has put Kara in a coma, and when they try to pull it off of her, it starts to kill her.

The first suspect here is Max Lord (obvs), but he claims not to know anything about it. We then see Non and Astra talking about a master plan they have called Myriad, which involves a solar storm and taking Supergirl down. So, the good news is that Astra is back. The bad news is that the rose-thingy is Non's doing and it's called a Black Mercy, which sounds horrific.

Astra and Non revealing their master plan
At CatCo, Winn and James try to cover for Kara's absence. And here, I feel like it needs to be said. I love Cat, but as a media executive does she really have enough free time in the day to go around asking, "Where's Kiera?" every five minutes? Just wondering! However, this storyline leads to one of the funniest Supergirl moments so far: the gruff J'onn J'onnz shapeshifting into Kara and working at CatCo so Kara doesn't get fired.

At Alex's apartment, Astra shows up and says she wants to help Kara. Astra sure seems to know her way around Alex's apartment. Hmmm, I wonder why. Astra explains what the Black Mercy is and how it's making the fantasy "Krypton" world more and more real to Kara the longer she's in it. To get out, Kara has to reject the fake reality. Also, for some reason, most of Alex and Astra's conversation happens with their faces mere inches apart:

I do not reject this fantasy
At the DEO,  Max helps them inject Alex into the fake "Krypton" fantasy so she can help Kara realize it's fake. When Alex gets to "Krypton," Kara doesn't recognize her and Alex is put in handcuffs. Alex the Badass attacks the guards, however, and gives a rousing speech about how pain is a normal part of life. This seems to plant seeds of doubt in Kara's head about the reality of her perfect "Krypton" fantasy life. Kara then rejects the fantasy and gets out of the Black Mercy's grip.

Once she wakes up, Supergirl then goes after Non, while Alex and J'onn go after Astra. Just as Astra is about to kill J'onn, Alex stabs Astra through the heart with kryponite (nooooooo!). Supergirl gets to Astra just before Astra dies. Seeing that Supergirl is upset, J'onn tells her that he, rather than Alex, was the one who killed Astra (blub). He tells Alex later that he didn't want Supergirl to stop seeing Alex as her hero (double blub). And now, there's this angsty secret between the sisters.

Deep Thought of the Week: For Buffy fans, this episode might have reminded you of the episode "Normal Again." There, Buffy was stung by a demon that made her believe her life as a slayer wasn't real and that she was actually a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

A recurring theme in Buffy was that life on Earth was hellish (remember "Bargaining" in Season Six, after her friends brought her back from the dead, she asked, "Is this hell?"). In "Normal Again," it was in Buffy remembering her ties to her friends - her chosen family - that drew her out of the comforts of escapism and back to reality, however hellish it was. We saw a similar theme with today's Supergirl episode.

[Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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