Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Feeling: Political Music

Via Curve:
“'Quiet,' the second debut single for Chinese-American singer/songwriter MILCK, born Connie Lim, will be released in conjunction with the Women’s March this Saturday.

MILCK will perform 'Quiet' in multiple guerrilla-style a cappella performances at the Women’s March, joined by a full choir from the George Washington University Sirens and the D.C. Capital Blends, who will lend their voices as well.

The song and video attempt to shed light on the struggles women around the world how feel they don’t have a voice in this political climate."
It always boggles me when people, of any political leaning, tell musicians to "shut up and sing." To stick to music and not be political.

Do..... do such people know about music, at all?  Bob Dylan, Madonna, Ray Charles, Bikini Kill, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Pink. The list of artists who have, to varying degrees, used their music to make political statements is nearly endless. Isn't, perhaps, all music political to an extent, even if the statement is that the musician has chosen to focus on something frivolous in spite of life's tragedies?

Remember when the Dixie Chicks were vilified for criticizing George W. Bush circa 2003? The same people who sang along to, say, Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" (which I guess we're to believe is politically neutral?) were outraged at Natalie Maines for injecting politics into a concert (ps - FUTK). I suspect it's not so much that people object to musicians expressing political opinions, but rather, to musicians expressions political opinions that are disagreeable.

(I support Ted Nugent saying whatever diprod things he wants to say at his concerts. I'm 100% certain I'll never be there to listen or give him money).

Anyway, my dear Nasty Women, Brother-Sestras, and those who identify outside this binary, have a watch/listen to "Quiet," if you're able:

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