Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 1.15 "Solitude"

Buckle up, 'cuz this is a big episode. "Solitude" begins with Kara still upset because she thinks Hank killed Astra. Knowing this, Alex shows up one morning to Kara's apartment with a box of donuts. I guess the thinking is that if she showers Kara with donuts, Kara won't be upset when she finds out the truth?

I just want to put it out there that Alex Danvers could shower me with all the donuts all the mornings and I would not have an iota of crankiness. But, I can see how with Kara and Alex being sisters things might be different. And also, Kara has cool lights in her apartment:

Despite the donuts, Kara insists she doesn't want to go back to work for the DEO because she can't forgive Hank. She'll do things on her own now!

At CatCo, an anonymous person sends Cat a thumb drive with data from some adultery hookup website. Cat refuses to run a story on it, saying no one cares about adultery anymore and, as a victim of hacking herself, she doesn't want to condone that behavior. (Phew, for a minute, I thought she was just going to stick a random thumb drive into her computer. Free Wednesday Tip of the Day: Don't put rando thumb drives  in your computer if you're trying to avoid malware).

Later in the day, a woman appears on all the TV screens in the office claiming she's the hacker and that all information systems are about to be shut down. Also, "the age of chaos is here." (Tell me about it, sister). Traffic lights go out. The banking and Internet go down. The market starts to crash. Grab your prepper supplies and get to your bunkers people! (No, like, for real).

In response to this impending apocalypse, Cat turns to Winn and says,"Fix this." (LOL)

To his credit, Winn grabs some M&Ms and gets to work on his three computers. While he's working, the mysterious hacker villain woman pops up on one his screens:

And THEN, the hacker woman jumps out of the screen and morphs into a physical being bearing more than a slight resemblance to Liara T'Soni and Mystique. Her name is actually Indigo and she is somehow in cahoots with Non. By "in cahoots with Non" I mean that it seems like they are both plotting something very evil together AND they maybe used to canoodle together:

Indigo knows that Kara is Supergirl and starts attacking her. However, Alex and Hank burst in and scare Indigo away. Kara still refuses to work with the DEO, however, and leaves, insisting that she can deal with villains on her own. But can she though? I feel like there is a lesson coming!

(And, what about all that Stronger Together talk? Does it mean nothing, NOTHING AT ALL??)

Back at CatCo, Siobhan has been acting cranky. I mean, like, more than usual, ever since the thumb drive arrived at CatCo. She tells Winn that she found out that her father was like a platinum member in the adultery club. So, there's a brief moment of vulnerability and then two seconds later she's back to her snotty self.

Alex then comes to CatCo and says that the DEO needs Winn's expertise to defeat Indigo. He's hesitant to go, because he knows Kara is no longer working with the DEO. But, Kara reluctantly tells him that they're all on the same team and they need to work together if they're going to defeat Donald Trump. I mean this villain. Indigo. So, he goes.

Supergirl then flies (with James on her back, or?) to the Fortress of Solitude (in Antarctica? the North Pole? Russia?), where they try to find out more about Indigo:

There, a robot similar to the little Claptrap robot in Borderlands is for some reason just hanging out. It helpfully explains that Indigo belongs to a race of supercomputer aliens and she wants to destroy the entire human population.

Accordingly, Indigo has gotten hold of the nuclear launch protocol. To launch the nukes, two separate keys need to be turned on opposite sides of the room. That would pose a problem to a mere mortal. But then, Indigo makes this terrifying thing happen:

No tiny hands here.
Yes, she has stretched her arms so as to reach each key slot. Awesome. This might be the scariest Super-verse computer-gone-bad thing to happen since this computer-gone-bad thing happened in Superman III:

Indigo launches a nuke at National City and Supergirl goes after it, but isn't sure how to change its course. (Um, use your super strength to push it over the ocean?). So, she calls Hank for help on shutting down the on-board computer. I still haven't figured out if she's able to randomly call Hank and Alex via secret earpiece or what, but in any case, Hank helps Supergirl thwart the nuke attack and then Winn injects Indigo with a virus.

Stronger Together! The Scoobies are back in action!

In other Winn news, he and Siobhan make out. So, that's odd, but whatever floats your boat. In Lucy-James-Kara love triangle news, Lucy breaks up with James.

In sister news, Alex finally tells Kara that she's the one who killed Astra - and I find this moment to be the best so far in the series. It wasn't clear at first how Kara would respond - it could have turned into this Big Thing that divided the sisters. Instead, Kara forgives Alex, and acknowledges what Hank tried to do for them, to keep them together:

The fam is back together, folks.

Deep Thought of the Week: This happened at the Women's March on Washington. Note that her shirt says "FEMINIST." YES!

[Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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