Friday, February 24, 2017

Lost: Imagine Me and You

In the constellation of femslash fan videos, one of my favorite categories is "fake trailers of the movie Imagine Me & You, with other fandom pairings envisioned as the lead romance."

I think Imagine Me & You was a decent queer women's film. (Lena Heady!! *sigh*)

My main critique is that it seems to cater a bit too much to the heterosexual eye. I believe there are maybe two Luce/Rachel kissing scenes, while it feels like a full third of the movie is spent developing the storyline in which we learn what a great guy the heterosexual man, Hector, is for letting his wife go follow her heart to be with a woman.

Which, good for him. But, I'd rather the women's romance be central. In my fake version of Imagine Me & You, it pends about 10 seconds on Hector and we have about 13 more lady make-out scenes. Would that be too much to ask? I think not.

Today's fan vid is the Imagine Me & You trailer: paring Kate/Claire from Lost.

Happy Femslash February by the way. Is anyone celebrating? And, if so, how and what are you reading?

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