Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why Women Are (and Should Be) Leading the Resistance

I struck a nerve with this tweet last night.

For some context regarding the number of likes and re-tweets, I usually get less than 10 per any given tweet.

To me, this Tweet elicited the reaction it did because Trump's win reinforced the fact that women exist in a state of subordination to men.

The misogyny, and widescale gaslighting regarding its existence, is a key reason why the Women's March, held the day after Trump's inauguration, was the largest protest in US history.

A resistance is rising from the ashes of Election 2016 and it is (and should be) led by women.

Many women are seeing their experiences validated, some perhaps for the first time.

To those liberal and progressive men who seem largely unaware of the conditions under which many women live in the US and still possess the capacity to be "stunned" by the fact that an incompetent authoritarian predator man-child can "win" over a highly-qualified woman, I can only suggest that you get out of whatever male-discourse-dominated bubble you're living in, and listen more, to women.

Listen especially to black women, 94% of whom voted for Hillary Clinton over the disastrous Donald Trump.

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