Friday, October 27, 2017

American Horror Friday

Happy pre-Halloween!

Is anyone watching American Horror Story (AHS): Cult? Just so you know, I relate hard to seconds 4-6 of the trailer, wherein the Michigan Lesbian hears the winner of the 2016 election announced.

Over the years, AHS has been a mixed bag for me. I'll watch anything with Sarah Paulson or Jessica Lange in it but, and I feel old saying this, some of the brutal, bloody violence that is consistently portrayed feels both gratuitous and, worse, boring. But, I say this as someone who has always found psychological thrillers (think: Misery) scarier than gore.

Cult is still ongoing, of course, so I'll hold off on a final judgment.

Thus far, the plot feels like it's flirting with something close to a false equivalence. By assembling a group of angry, disgruntled, and unhappy people across the political spectrum drawn to the charismatic Kai, is the message here really going to end up being that rage, "on all sides," is The Real Danger?

I guess we'll see. What's certain is that Ally should definitely dump Ivy.

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