Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 3.1 "Girl of Steel"

After a, in my opinion, lackluster finale last season, Supergirl has returned. To recap, Supergirl and friends stopped a Daxamite invasion, Mon-El had to leave Earth, and Alex had proposed to Maggie.

First off, I'll say that it's good to have Supergirl back. I've been watching old episodes of Arrow and Flash in the "off-season," so it's good to be watching a superhero show with a woman in a leading role again.

Secondly, we learn that Supergirl is sad because Mon-El is gone. We know this because she does her job whilst not being 100% cheerful at all times.

But, on the upside, this:

That's right. In the alternate timeline in which I want to be living, Cat Grant is apparently the Press Secretary for President Wonder Woman and she's on the news telling the populace that Global Warming is a real thing in the real world and, oh hey, I bet there's also no Nazis in that motherfucking White House.

Sadly, some jerky guy (who Lena calls a "sentient ball of cheap cologne" he he) has announced that he's buying CatCo because he thinks they've become too biased. Cheap Cologne wants to have editorial control over what's published and also to defame Lena. We'll see about that.

Shortly thereafter, Kara quits her job as a reporter at Catco. James had been pressing her to do a story about Supergirl saving Earth from the Daxamites and it seems Kara's been too angsty to want to write it. Indeed, she goes to some dark places in this episode, acknowledging that she's not a human and saying that "Kara Danvers was a mistake." Yikes. Let's see if and how she can pull herself out from this darkness.

The foe of the week is some dude named Bloodsport. Shrug. He attacks the city during the unveiling of a statue of Supergirl. True to form, Supergirl saves the day. In fact, it seems that she's been Super-Supergirl since Mon-El has been gone, channeling all of her sadness/anger into crime-fighting.

Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie are in wedding-planning mode. Pause for a moment of appreciation of Alex Danvers:

Alex asks J'onn to walk her down the aisle and it's super cute. They both tear up and Alex says, "Don't cry. Because if you cry, I'm gonna cry, then everybody here's gonna know that we actually can cry." She also says she's wearing Kevlar and boots to the wedding. Oh, honey.

In SuperCorp news, Lena ends up buying CatCo so she, rather than Cheap Cologne, can have control over it. In response, Cheap Cologne storms into Lena's office in a menacing manner, because I guess he can just do that. Kara is there, too, and look how she puts herself between Lena and danger:

Kara then storms out of Lena's office, takes off her glasses, and then approximately 7 seconds later comes back as Supergirl, while of course neither Lena nor Cheap Cologne know Kara and Supergirl are one and the same (lol).

Later that night, a Shawn Colvin song is playing and Kara texts Lena that she'll go back to CatCo. Let me just zoom in and depixelate Lena's response:

Oh, Lena, just buy some Kevlar and boots already:

[Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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