Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 3.2 "Triggers"

So, Lena has bought CatCo and, in this episode, we learn that she's a hands-on owner who wants to be in the office on a daily basis. She also communicates directly with staff, calls staff meetings without telling managers, and roams around the office floor just talking to people.

James is, allegedly, the CEO (or whatever Cat's replacement is), and he's not happy about Lena's presence and how she's undermining his authority over his staff:

I can't say I blame him. She also scolds Kara for running in and out of the office all the time, which she does because she's Supergirl, of course. So, what I'm realizing is that I like Lena better when she's abstracted from the workplace. Or, maybe Kara just needs to come out to Lena already. As Supergirl, I mean.

Anyway, the villain of the week is a meta-human, Psi, who I suppose I would compare to Tamsin, the Valkyrie from Lost Girl. Psi has been robbing banks by using her superpower which, apparently, involves invoking people's phobias just by looking at them. (In Lost Girl, one of Tamsin's powers was to "cast doubt" on her enemies).

Psi invites Supergirl to join her on the dark side. Hmmm, evil Supergirl would be a fun plot twist, but sadly, our hero declines (for now?). So, Psi shoots a psychic mindbeam at Supergirl and causes her to feel claustrophobic, a fear Supergirl didn't know she ahd. They have another encounter, later, and Supergirl then begins remembering her journey from Krypton, in the tiny pod, completely alone after watching everyone she knew die. A bit later, she has a panic attack while in an elevator.

So, for perhaps the first time, we begin to see Supergirl truly deal with the psychological trauma of losing her family and entire planet. Yes, she was upset when Alex killed her aunt Astra in Season 1, but she also never lost her outwardly peppy persona.

Supergirl tells Winn about the phobia and panic attack, and then Alex walks in on them talking about it. When Supergirl leaves, this happens:

Oh, Winn.

Winn tells Alex what's going on. Alex then confronts Supergirl, leading to an important Danvers Sisters bonding moment.

In her final encounter with Psi, we then learn that Supergirl is also scared that Mon-El died in the pod she sent him away on. Alex gives her pep talk, though, and she's able to defeat Psi by head-butting her. LOL.

There's also this side plot about a single mom (and new L Corp CEO), Sam, who may or may not have superpowers. So, I guess we'll see where that goes. And, in Sanvers news, Alex makes a passing comment about them having kids one day, and Maggie says she could never see herself being a mom. Whooooops your engagement!

 [Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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