Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Action Alert: Rogue County Clerk Tries to Cancel Marriage!

In perhaps the biggest news since angry parents everywhere threatened to cancel Christmas, one California county clerk opposed to same-sex couples marrying has tried to cancel marriage. In her county at least. While couples will still be able to apply for a marriage license, the clerk's office will not solemnize ceremonies. Couples who want to marry in Kern County will have to find another route to have their ceremonies solemnized- a necessary step to being legally married. Marriage defenders should note two facts. One, as the Box Turtle Bulletin reported, 20% of families in this county live below the poverty line. Two, the benefit of having the county clerk solemnize a wedding is that the cost was $30 (as opposed to the hundreds charged by churches). Clearly, the actions of this rogue, activist clerk will deter at least some heterosexuals from marrying.

Whatever will become of society?!

This clerk's dire threat to the institution of marriage came moments after the California Supreme Court ruled that county clerks in the state had to begin performing ceremonies for same-sex couples. As a result of the cancellation, 25 heterosexual weddings have thus far been canceled. It is estimated that wedding ceremonies performed by the clerk bring in $50,000/month to the county.

I wonder how the taxpayers feel about that.

Yet, in addition to the financial loss this county will suffer, this cancellation of marriage will definitely result in increases in fatherlessness, divorce rates, poverty, breakdown of the traditional family, deconstruction of marriage, the severing of the link between marriage and responsible procreation, out-of-wedlock sex, out-of-wedlock births, great public harm, mischief, legal havoc, the decline of civilization, the end of America, the secularization of society, and the destruction of the universe. Okay, that might be a little much. Cross off "the destruction of the universe." We could never predict such a thing.

You get the point. Is canceling marriage any way to save marriage?

Of course not, silly!

Let this activist official know what you think about her rogue behavior!

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