Monday, June 9, 2008

"Deep" Thought #15: Same-Sex Couples Are Just Friends

An oft-used way that those opposed to gay rights disparage the love that members of same-sex couples have for each other is to insist on referring to our relationships as mere "friendships." Friendships are wonderful things, no doubt about it. And, like our heterosexual counterparts, we too, are friends with the people we are in relationships with. Likewise, even though we can't make babies together, we are also more than friends. No too difficult a concept.

Concerned Woman for America Matt Barber, however doesn't get it. In his latest piece of "humor," he asks us to consider Ellen DeGeneres in light of the recent California marriage ruling. While Barber admits that he "doesn't dislike" Ellen (I'm sure she's relieved!), he informs us that Ellen recently announced "that she intended to 'marry' her friend, Portia DeRossi (a woman)."

While I applaud Barber's ability to discern that the foxy Portia is indeed a woman, I can only laugh at his clumsy suggestion as to what Ellen should do instead of marry Portia:

"If Ellen wants real happiness, the kind of happiness that's accompanied by 'the peace which surpasses all understanding,' I pray she'll have a conversation with Jesus Christ."
The successful end result, of course, would be for Ellen to repent, turn straight, and end up marrying a man. Such a relationship, of course, would be much greater than anything Ellen had with Portia and would then be worthy of the title "marriage." Hilarious! I mean, let's face it, to anyone who's had the misfortune of watching Mr. Wrong, I can only say that there aren't more things unnatural, counterfeit, or fraudulent in this world than an Ellen-on-man romantic "relationship."

Speaking of Mr. Wrong, sorry Matt, but our relationships are real no matter what you say and no matter how much you imbue God with your own unfortunate bigotry. See, another fun thing going on this article is Barber's conviction that he's merely God's messenger on this issue. For instance, in the midst of an article full of name-calling and judgments, he steps back, puts his hands up and says, whoa there:

"For those who disagree, your gripe isn't with me; it's with your sovereign Creator who loves each of us in spite of ourselves."
Being on the alleged right side of God, apparently, justifies belligerence and denigration of the love that two people share for each other.

Yeah. Two people of the same-sex cannot possibly have more than platonic love for each other because some small-minded people who have created God in their own image and imbued him with their own human bigotry say that God says so. Deep thoughts.

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