Monday, June 23, 2008

H Hall of Shame: On Opportunistically Using Our Soldiers

Whenever those opposed to gay rights begin randomly talking about our Brave Soldiers Fighting For Our Freedom (tm), I have to admit that the hairs on my neck stand up. Also, it cues me to think of Fred Phelps and his reprehensible message that "God hate fags" and, because (some) of America accepts fags, then God also hates America.

Thankfully, Phelps, a bona fide member of the asinine for attention club, isn't taken very seriously by pretty much anyone anymore. In fact, I give props to Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth [sic] About Homosexuality for calling Phelps out on his asininity:

"Phelps is an opportunist who is now using the funeral services of our heroic American soldiers to promote his twisted messages that 'God Hates Fags' and 'God Hates America.'"

Indeedely doodely!

It is quite necessary for bigots who want to be taken seriously to distance themselves from Phelps as much as possible. Unfortunately, and what puts LaBarbera in my Hypocrisy Hall of Shame, LaBarbera couldn't resist sort of doing what he denounced Phelps for doing. See, although Peter runs a single-issue group dedicated to opposing the "homosexual agenda" he found it fitting to remind us all, on his group's website, to honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. It's an admirable goal, to be sure. But, unsurprisingly, LaBarbera's message quickly became less about the troops and more about advancing his politics. Alas, after reminding us to honor our brave soldiers, where a non-opportunist would have ended his message, Pete continues:

"The Western Left is wrong and cruel to assert that [deceased soldier used to advance Pete's agenda] and thousands like him died in vain — even as they agitate to effect an abrupt pullout of American power from Iraq which, like it did in Vietnam, could lead to mass slaughter and despotism."

Yes, we know. "Leftists" and those who want this war to end are unpatriotic, un-American, hate our soldiers, and probably eat puppies. Yawn.

See, Pete's quote is just him being an opportunist who is using a day meant to honor the men and women in uniform to promote his political agenda of opposing "The Western Left." (Whatever that is).


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