Friday, August 22, 2008

A Happy Friday

Hello readers, how about some good news for a friday?

During the past week, news broke that Rachel Maddow is getting her own show in the male-dominated field of political punditry and Ellen has legally married her girlfriend.

As fans of both of these women, this news makes me happy. In my opinion, Maddow is one of the most intelligent and well-spoken women persons on television. As the Washington Post writes, she "isn't a glossy matinee idol or a smooth-talking partisan hack but a PhD Rhodes scholar lesbian policy wonk who started as a prison AIDS activist." Swoon. But don't go washing your hair just yet ladies and gents, she has a long-term partner whom she lives with.

Speaking of which, kudos to Ellen and Portia for taking advantage of California's legalization of marriage equality. I pretty much think Ellen is the funniest person on the planet. And, like Rachel Maddow, she is having a remarkable career in spite of not meeting the standards of femininity usually required for women in the media.

In other happy news, bisexual celeb Tila Tequila thinks Ellen and Portia's marriage is "awesome." I know you were wondering what Ms. Tequila thought about it all.

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