Monday, August 11, 2008


Earlier today, I posted an article regarding one anti-gay's humorous exaggeration of the San Diego Dyke March. Well, I ventured back over to the "james hartline report" to see how this fellow's little "hit piece" was faring.

Judging from the comments, it seems that it didn't generate much interest in or out of the LGBT community. Yet, a few days after his Dyke March post, he posted an update that confirmed just how not seriously we should take this guy. Apparently, one, that's right one, anonymous commenter denounced those participating in the march.

How does Hartline respond? By posting the following "article":

"National Outrage Over Lesbian March in San Diego"
saying "Comments have come flooding in on the report of lesbians marching through a San Diego neighborhood ..." [emphasis added]

He then re-posted the one single solitary comment left by the "anonymous" commenter who criticized the Dyke March.

One comment.

I'd say that's more of a droplet than a flood.

Whatever your agenda is, Hartline, you don't have to be a liar in order to advance it. See, honest people know that we're all entitled to our own opinions but we're not entitled to our own facts. Stick that in your Bible class, Hartline.

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